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Attention 5th & 6th grade players and parents:

posted Feb 25, 2020, 3:03 PM by Michael Kahny   [ updated Feb 25, 2020, 3:04 PM ]

In the interest of player development and staying current with other leagues in our area, the Tri-County baseball coaches voted to adjust our playing dimensions from the current dimensions of 46ft mound 60ft base paths, to 50ft mound 70ft base paths. We have seen multiple leagues adopt these dimensions and we have chosen to keep up rather than see our players fall behind.

Some of the drivers for this change:

Safety of our pitchers; By moving the pitcher back 4 feet further from the plate, this gives the pitcher more time to react to a line drive shot right back towards him.

Our current junior high players will be playing games this year on field dimensions of 54/80 and even some games at 60/90; We would like to ease this transition and help them be better prepared to play on a larger field. 

More opportunities for our fielders to field balls and make a play with good mechanics; Rather than rushing a throw across the diamond with poor throwing technique in an effort to beat the runner.

These changes were adopted with a lot of thought and discussion. But most importantly, in the best interest of our children participating in our league. The Delphos City Parks Department is currently planning to adjust our diamonds to accommodate these dimensions. 

These playing dimensions will only apply to City League boys (current 5th & 6th grade). Our minors and coach pitch (current 1st thru 4th), will continue to play at 46/60. 

If you have any questions about this change or anything else, please message us on Facebook or speak with one of our officers. 

Delphos Baseball and Softball Association.