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Notes from Mike (website creator)

To the Delphos Baseball & Softball Association:

My name is Michael Kahny, at the request of Jeff Koverman, I have purchased the domain name www.DelphosBSA.com for your association and created this website for your evaluation. Please know that this site can be modified in almost endless ways to be what the association needs.

A lot of the text content is obviously gibberish and is simply a place filler for the content that you will be providing once the overall “look and feel” of the site is approved.

The structure of the site, though somewhat flexible, should be thought out and defined before the majority of the content gets added.

Below I have taken information from another youth baseball/softball league website on what they recommend for a organization that is building a website.

Tips For Building Your Website:

Your Website Is The Face of Your Organization

Spend a little time on it and you'll earn dividends.

 Treat it like a newspaper - include news, information, announcements and schedule changes due to weather or other circumstances

 Keep it current, fresh and relevant – update it regularly, even with small announcements

 Avoid using dates on posts and articles – if you miss a week of updates, it won’t be obvious

Communicate With Parents By Putting Yourself In Their Shoes

What would you want to know? Provide information like:

 The official start of the season

 Registration start and end dates, as well as how to register online or in-person

 A clear explanation of league fees and what money is used for

 Sporting equipment requirements

 Volunteer requirements and information

 Contact and support information

Update Information, In Real-Time, As Much As Possible

Online updates only take a few minutes but will save hours of phone calls, emails and questions. Here’s some info to keep updated:


 Facilities Info

 Games and Practices


 Tournament Information

Inspire Participation and League Awareness

 Tell stories - highlight good things happening in your league/district

 Post photos - Showing families and kids having fun (with permission)

Promote Your Website

 Treat your website like a business

 Create a simple URL (the shorter, the better)

 Use your website on all handouts, notes, flyers and any other materials

 Always mention it when speaking to local media

Generate Revenue

 Online revenue generating works. It’s proven, so use it!

 Use advertising to generate league revenue. Sell space and sponsorships on your site.

 Promote special business offers for families of the league.

If you have questions or want to send me a comment please send them to me:

Michael Kahny

email: mike@kahny.com

Please indicate that your message is from the DelphosBSA and be as specific as possible in your request and/or comment.

Thank you and I look forward to making the DelphosBSA website all that it can be.