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Softball Sugar & Spice League

Delphos Sugar & Spice (Grades 2-4) League Rules 
Updated 6/30/14 

  • This is a coach pitch league – coaches will also umpire. This league is not about championships it’s about teaching girls to love and enjoy the game. 
    • Base umpires are being provided for the tournament. 
  • No walks, but there are strike outs (third strike swing and miss, no foul out). Batting teams coach will be pitching. 
    • Foul balls are strikes on first two, only out on a third foul if a defensive player catches the ball 
  • There is no stealing or going to first on a dropped third strike. At the beginning of the year you may want a coach back behind the catcher to help keep the games moving. 
  • No bunting at this level. 
  • No infield fly rule. 
  • Games consist of 6 innings or a 1 hour time limit. 
    • Tournament will play 6 innings, teams playing a second game should be ready to play at 7:00 by warming up in grass. 
  • 6 run maximum per inning except the last (unlimited). 
    • Courteous rule 1: you may only take one base on a miss-play (overthrows etc.)
  •  Scores and Records will be kept but not scrutinized (everything should be positive) 
  • Everyone is put in the line-up for each game and will bat. You do not have to take an out if someone gets hurt or has to leave. 
  • Up to 10 fielders play at a time. Substitution is unlimited, move players anytime you wish. 
    • Courteous Rule 2: Players should be aligned in normal defensive positions, just a few steps in front of the baselines 
  • We will use an 11” ball. 
  • Helmets should be worn on the base-paths at all times.